Welcome to Shillingoak Limited. This website sets the scene for our vision and future strategy within the social housing arena, during times of extreme uncertainty within the market place. It has been a tumultuous year in the housing market and we believe that being a private business guarantees the best service to our customers and avoids the ongoing uncertainty from market unpredictability. It also provides even greater opportunities for Shillingoak and our people.

Even though the market is in a state of flux, we need to consider the constantly changing and challenging nature of the marker in which we operate, which presents both risks and opportunities. With the code for sustainable homes driving performance improvements in new housing, and EcoHomes XB now being used to raise the quality of existing homes, we have to constantly learn new skills and find new approaches to building and maintaining homes. Sustainability is at the centre of our forward thinking, embodied in our strategic plan.

“If you want to truly shape a community, rather than a collection of individual houses, then you must treat the ‘bits between the buildings’ as important as the building themselves.”
- Margaret Beckett (Minister for housing) - 24 March 2009 

In Shillingoak, we are creating a unique provider of high quality social  housing and maintenance services that is well positioned to compete for increasingly larger contracts being awarded by it’s customers and the growing number for procurement clubs, whilst retaining it’s regional identity and strong local customer relationships.

The information contained on this website is entirely consistent with the open and transparent culture we have at Shillingoak. This culture underpins everything we do as a business and is central to our ethos of delivering projects in partnerships with our customers, suppliers and employees.